Let us make dinner and deliver it to you!

Tomorrow – Wednesday, April 1

On the Menu: Shredded Chicken Sandwich, chips, mandarin oranges, and dessert.

There will be no pick-ups at the church. This is DELIVERY only.

Deliveries will begin around 4:30 to your house. We will call to let you know that we are there, and dinners will be left on your front step for everyone’s safety.

Please RSVP by noon tomorrow to Deb Monnin at 937-726-0579 (by Text or phone call) with:

  1. Your name
  2. The number of dinners you’d like
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your address

Loaves & Fishes Update

Wapakoneta’s Loaves N Fishes will be continuing with Carry Out or DELIVERY meals only. No dine-in service. For free delivery, call Connie Krites by 6 p.m. Wed at 567 204 6708, give name, address, phone number, and number of meals needed.

Pick ups are at rear entrance alley way of First English Lutheran Church, Thur from 4-5 p.m. Do not get out of car, we will bring your meals to your car.

Please note: If you are over 60 years old or immune-compromised, we highly encourage you to use the free delivery service during this time of health risk.

How you can help others in these difficult times.

Dear friends of Trinity,

Many people have asked me, “How can I help through this difficult time?”

If you are able to volunteer your time, please call Pastor Melodi and she will give you guidance on how you can help.

If you are able to give financially to help people in our surrounding area, you can go to our GoFundMe page: Trinity Lutheran “Community Chest of Hope” fund. Here is the link to it: https://tinyurl.com/TrinityGives-com. Just click and follow the directions.

This allows you to give online to assist our great local organizations that are helping in need, as well as supporting Trinity’s members in need. 100% of your gifts to this fund are used here.

You can give your gift online or you can mail it directly to:

Trinity Lutheran
14127 Moulton
New Knoxville Rd. Wapakoneta, OH 45895.

“Community Chest of Hope” is one of the printed lines on your regular weekly
envelope. Please continue to mail in your offering and as always, mark how
much you want to go towards this fund and others.

Thank you for your generosity and sharing some hope in our community!
Remember, stay Calm, stay Connected, and Care for our neighbors in need.

God hold us together,

Pastor Melodi 

Wednesday Evening Service and Devotions

Dear Friends in Christ, we will gather again through Trinity’s Facebook page (trinity lutheran – moulton) for our Wednesday Lenten Service at 6:30pm.  If you are not able to view it, here is our devotion you can do at home.  Please keep us informed how we can be praying with you.  God hold us through this.  Pastor Melodi

  1. Turn off the T.V., phones, any devices, and light a candle.
  2. Say together as you make the sign of the cross: God be in my head, God be in my heart, God be on my left, and God be on my right. Amen.
  3. What was your high today?  What was your low?  Where did you receive God’s hope?
  4. Read John 6:30-40, our Earth story this week two times. What word did you hear?  What is giving you hope?
  5. Pray together…As you pray, consider these ideas: Thank you God… Sorry God… Please God… Amen!
  6. Bless one another by saying: “You are hope to God and hope to me!” Amen.

Wednesday night Lenten Dinner

Let us make dinner for you!
Wednesday, March 25, from 4:30 – 6 pm
Sloppy Joe Sandwich, fruit cup, carrots and a cookie
We will deliver to your car (at church) or to your house, just let us know what you prefer.
Please RSVP to Deb Monnin at 937-726-0579 (by Text or phone call) by Wednesday at 10AM with
*your name,
*the number of dinners you’d like and
*if you want to pick them up or
*if you’d like us to deliver them to you.
▪ If you pick them up at Church, just drive under the South Portico and we will hand them to you in your car. You don’t need to get out!
▪ If you want delivery, please give us your address and phone number. We will deliver to your front porch or where you designate. We won’t enter your house, so you will stay safe.
Please stay home if you have a fever or are feeling badly, and we’ll deliver to you!

Update – March 21, 2020

Dear friends in Christ,

I know many are sad and angry that we are not able to worship together in person at
Trinity tomorrow. It’s ok to be sad. But I also pray God gives us the courage to try a new
way of worshipping with one another.

You can watch the service on Facebook at trinity lutheran-moulton. It is saved on the
Facebook page, so if you are unable to watch it in real time, it is there to watch later.

The bulletin for tomorrow’s service will be on the website as well as my sermon. We will
try to link it on Facebook, also. If you would like it emailed to you please text Pastor Melodi
at 701-331-9412. Our website is trinity moulton.com. I encourage you to come up with
your own style of worship if you are unable to watch it on Facebook. God wants to speak to
your anxiety and fears and give you hope!

We have also set up a GoFundMe page called “Trinity’s Community Chest of Hope” where
you can give a donation online to help our local organizations serving people who are in

Donations go to Trinity’s own local benevolence fund, “Community Chest of Hope”
and we can provide assistance to groups as needed. If you do not know how to do this,
watch our Facebook pages for directions!

To send a check to help others, or for your regular offering, you can mail a check to the
church at:
Trinity Lutheran Church
14127 Moulton-New Knoxville Road,
Wapakoneta, OH 45895.

If you have any questions or prayers concerns please don’t hesitate to call me or one of our
council members for support. We need to lean on one another during this wilderness
time. And remember our mission: Stay Calm in Christ, Stay Connected to one another, and
Care for our neighbors in need.

God hold us together,

Pastor Melodi 701-331-9412

Council action – Suspension of all activities

Dear Friends in Christ,

At last night’s council meeting, we approved the suspension of all activities at Trinity through Sunday, April 5th.  Our council will come back together on Monday, March 30th to reassess the situation at that time.  Pastor Melodi and the council will stay in contact with everyone with future information via texting, email, and Facebook.

Please don’t hesitate to call Pastor Melodi if you have any concerns at 701-331-9412.

Please remember the three C’s: Stay CALM in Christ, Stay CONNECTED with one another, and CARE for your neighbors around you through this difficult time.

God hold us together, Pastor Melodi