Wednesday Evening Service and Devotions

Dear Friends in Christ, we will gather again through Trinity’s Facebook page (trinity lutheran – moulton) for our Wednesday Lenten Service at 6:30pm.  If you are not able to view it, here is our devotion you can do at home.  Please keep us informed how we can be praying with you.  God hold us through this.  Pastor Melodi

  1. Turn off the T.V., phones, any devices, and light a candle.
  2. Say together as you make the sign of the cross: God be in my head, God be in my heart, God be on my left, and God be on my right. Amen.
  3. What was your high today?  What was your low?  Where did you receive God’s hope?
  4. Read John 6:30-40, our Earth story this week two times. What word did you hear?  What is giving you hope?
  5. Pray together…As you pray, consider these ideas: Thank you God… Sorry God… Please God… Amen!
  6. Bless one another by saying: “You are hope to God and hope to me!” Amen.

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