Something New! Sunday Worship Outdoors!

Something New! Sunday Worship Outdoors!
9:00 AM June 14, 21, 28, 2020

Join the Trinity Family this month as we worship and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation outdoors on the Trinity grounds in Moulton.

Seating and Parking Instructions for the Outdoor Service

Q: Where can I/we sit?
A: There will be two Seating Options for Sunday’s outdoor service. Your Chairs -You may bring your own chair(s) and sit under the shade trees. Please ensure you keep a six-foot distance between your family and others.  OR Your Car – You may remain in your car for the service.
Please Note, you must provide your own seating. Chairs from the church will not be set up or made available for the service.

Q: Where should I park?
A:  For those bringing chairs to sit under trees…..Please park in the west parking lot by the Sunday School entrance or across the street at the Country Store to avoid traffic congestion. For those remaining in vehicle for service…..There will be an area reserved along the south edge of the parking lot facing the parsonage for a limited number of vehicles.

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